About Us

Diamond & Dials is a subsidiary of C&C Wholesale, Inc. along with its sister companies Fine Jewelry and Watches and Estate Buyers. With four entities at our disposal, we are able to acquire incredible pieces at even more incredible prices. To put it simply, we save, so you do, too!

Since we opened our doors in 1984, we have been selling pieces that are as stunning as they are affordable; pieces that transcend style and taste and most importantly – reflect the quality and character of those who wish to wear them. Everything that leaves our doors comes with a warrantee and can be serviced in any of our stores.

From Rolex to Citizen and everything in between, we’re proud to help uphold the tradition of each outstanding brand we represent. For any sales questions or checking on orders that you have already placed please call (727) 317-2998.

Our Skills

Our Team